Medium blue laboure' ring


Often you ask us about the story of this particular blue medal: let's try to tell you... The Miraculous Medal was created following the vision that Saint Catherine Labouré had in 1830 on Rue du Bac in Paris. Since its first distribution, it has been associated with several inexplicable healings. Today it is one of the most minted in the world. Almost twenty years ago, we rediscovered it and offered it in the version with blue enamel as a tribute to vintage French holy medals from the 1950s. We designed the pendant with a gold border, we even paired it (perhaps a bit profanely!) as a good luck charm, and of course, we created the most famous ring version that unexpectedly became a success! Over the years, various models of ours have been reproduced with slight modifications and reintroduced (to put it kindly) by other brands. Naturally, we are very disturbed by the continued production of imitations, but, looking at the positive side, we are proud to have contributed to the rediscovery of such a beautiful and historically significant symbol.

Ring in 18kt solid gold.

Laboure' medal (in silver and blue resin): 14mmx10mm.

Attention! Constant contact with water can alter the color of the resin

Size : 2
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