Lady of Guadalupe Pendant


The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico to a farmer named Juan Diego, to whom she asked to gather roses with his cloak and to present them to the Archbishop as proof of the apparitions. When Juan Diego opened his cloak and let the flowers fall in front of the Archbishop, they realized that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was imprinted on it.


The moon under her feet refers to the name of Mexico in the Aztec language: “center of the moon”.


“Guadalupe” means “crushes the serpent” in the indigenous language, which could be a reference to the Gospel in Genesis 3:15: “Mary, the conqueror of evil”.


charm in 18kt solid gold size: 13mm x 10mm

necklace in 18kt solid gold length: 39cm to 42cm

Customize : Only Charm
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